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Alien Visit in Room 408

“Alien Visit in Room 408”

There’s an alien in Room 408! Our class was privileged to have Magan Vernon visit today to lead us in an activity on sensory writing. Magan is the mom to Olivia and is a professional author. She read some excerpts from her first published book, Defy the Stars. In the passage, a young girl is injured in an alien environment and then placed in a healing tank of green medicinal goo. The students squished their sample of “alien goo”, touched a character suspended in lime jello, and brainstormed words that described the scene in sensory detail. Then they reflected in their journals and wrote their own sensory phrases.

We’re so proud of the wonderful questions they had for our guest and the way they all started to think about what it would be like to be a professional author. They really liked the part where they could sit in the living room in their pajamas and work from home. They were also amazed to hear that Mrs. Vernon has written “over a million words” in her career...several times over. Who knew that not everything written gets published? You have to research before you write stories. Whew! Writing can be hard work. I guess the aliens are worth it:)

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