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Smores With The Sun

Sun Ovens with 4th Grade

Thanks to Gracie and her mom, Mrs. Nix, for providing all of the supplies so we could make sun ovens.  She provided us so much stuff!  Thank you again, Gracie and Mrs. Nix for providing all the supplies to make such cool things.

We created a sun oven.  We used clear plastic bags, tin foil, pizza boxes, tape, black paper for the oven.  We had marshmallows, Hershey chocolate, and graham crackers for the smores.  We put black paper and taped it to the bottom part of the pizza box. We put tin foil around where we cut the box.  Then we put a clear plastic bag over the top of the box.

We did it on a hot sunny day a few weeks ago.  We did it outside in front of the school where the sun was very bright and shiny.

We completed this project because we were learning about different forms of energy.  We also learned about conductors and insulators of heat in our amazing science class.  The thermal and light energy reflected on the tin foil into the box.  When we made our smores it heated up and started to melt from thermal energy.  The box and clear plastic bag kept it inside the box.

picture  picture