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Kindergarten Authority Figures

Kindergarten had the opportunity today to meet with two of our own authority figures here at NeSmith.  Our principal, Mrs. Meek, and our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Selby, came to speak with our students about who authority figures are in our school.  Our kindergarten students learned three very important things that authority figures do.  Authority figures keep us safe.  Authority figures make everything just right.  Authority figures make us smile.  Our kindergarteners enjoyed hearing from Mrs. Selby and Mrs. Meek.  Our kindergarteners were able to ask questions and have them answered.  One of the questions asked was, "Mrs. Meek, why do you love your job?"  Mrs. Meek said, "I love my job because I am able to come to work and be with all of the wonderful students here in our school."  Our kindergartners and teachers would like to thank Mrs. Selby and Mrs. Meek for speaking to us about authority figures and explaining why they are important in our school.

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