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SecurlyHome is Now Live!

We are excited to announce that a critical part of our online safety practices, Securly, is now available for you to use to help keep your students safe online at home! With SecurlyHome, parents of Community ISD students can receive weekly updates on their student(s) internet usage, and can also actively monitor what their students are doing on their Community ISD Chromebooks. Parents will have to unsubscribe from the emails in order to stop receiving these weekly updates.

On January 10, all parents received an email from Securly asking them to create a profile and enter their school-specific code. Once you have clicked on the email and made your profile, you will receive those weekly updates and be able to actively monitor student usage. We have had a few issues with our emails going to the “promotions” tab on GMail, or going to spam, so please check those areas for this email.

The best way to participate in SecurlyHome is to download the app, which can be found on both the Google Play and Apple App Store. For more information about SecurlyHome, including a list of “Frequently Asked Questions'', please visit

Keeping parents aware of our students’ online safety and activity is a key part of the “Brave New World'' initiative that started this spring. Our schools have had Securly in place for several years, but we are providing this opportunity to parents free of charge to actively participate and partner with us in protecting our students. Only by working together can we change the culture in Community ISD.