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CISD Facility Naming Committee Members and Facility Candidates

On Friday, December 10, 2021, the Facility Naming Committee met at the Terry Pope Administration Building to consider the officially submitted candidates for the former Edge building and the new elementary school being constructed in Josephine. The committee will each rank their Top 5 candidates, and the two names receiving the highest average ranking will be submitted to the CISD Board of Trustees as finalists. The Board will take a vote on these two names on January 24, 2022, in that month's regular board meeting. All names submitted to the Facility Naming Committee will be kept as candidates for future facilties.

The following people are members of the Facility Naming Committee. In order to be on the committee, each member needed to be either an alum of Brave Nation, or a retired staff member. No one else was eligible to serve on this committee.

  • Regina Forthman
  • Kay Gage
  • Ryan Strickland
  • Nathan Wafford
  • Jordan Fitzwater
  • Blair Young
  • Leland Edge
  • Hope Saenz
  • Lonnie Sanders
  • Doug Ewing
  • Amy Collinsworth
  • Kristi Jenkins
  • Natalie Morgan
  • Renee Robertson
  • Brandy Fulfer
  • Jonathan Gonzales
  • Tonya Strickland
  • Christal Martinez
  • Carolyn Boles
  • Amanda Brewer
  • Erika Leyva


The following names are being considered by the Facility Naming Committee as candidates for the new name for the former Edge facility building and the new elementary school in Josephine:

  • Mildred Barrett-Ellis
  • Muriel Helms Bentley
  • Billy Cox
  • Mary Lou Dodson
  • Kay Gage
  • William Graves
  • Sue Hannon
  • RC Pruett
  • John & Barbara Roderick
  • Mike Shepard
  • Strickland Family
  • Odos Watkins
  • Brian Webb
  • George Webb