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Revised 2021-2022 Academic Calendar

Parents of Brave Nation,

On Wednesday, December 1, Community ISD’s board of trustees held a special meeting. During this meeting, our board approved a modification to our 2021-22 school calendar. Students will now be returning to campus on January 10, instead of the originally scheduled January 5 student start date.

This accommodation was made so that Brave Nation can implement a reset of our culture and expectations before the start of the spring semester.

Community ISD staff are still expected to return from the winter break on January 3, and will still have professional development and planning time on January 3 and 4. On January 5, all of our staff will meet together as a district to discuss the issues Brave Nation has faced this year. Then on January 6 and 7, all of our instructional staff (teachers, instructional coaches, counselors, campus administrators, and district administrators) will receive training from the internationally-recognized organization, Capturing Kids’ Hearts. The staff meeting on January 5 is required for all staff, and the January 6 and 7 trainings are mandatory for instructional staff.

COVID-19 has played a huge role in the attitudes and behaviors of our children. This isn’t limited to Brave Nation; all across the country school districts have seen a rise in bullying, fighting, vandalism, and many other behavioral issues. That is why the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program is so important. Our goal is that when students return on January 10, they’ll feel more connected to their school and staff, which will lead to higher academic success and improved behavior.

In addition, we want to go into further detail on the “reset” for our district. Starting this spring, district and campus administrators will be partnering with staff to hold our students accountable for their language and actions. Cursing, tardiness, and lack of respect for teachers and staff will no longer be tolerated, and will face appropriate consequences.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding throughout this Fall 2021 semester. It has been a challenging time for many of us, but our hope is that this new training from Capturing Kids Hearts will help make a difference and improve the culture and morale across Brave Nation.

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