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Anti-Bullying Committee Initial Meeting Synopsis

On Tuesday, September 21, the elementary and secondary level anti-bullying committees met in the Community High School cafeteria.

In those meetings, the committees discussed the issues and possible solutions with our campus principals. In the spirit of honesty and transparency, those issues and suggestions are summarized below.



  • Cyberbullying
    • Social media shame pages, recorded fights posted on the internet, etc.
  • Name Calling
  • Mocking/Making Fun Of
  • Student(s) not feeling emotionally supported by teachers
  • Disrespect
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Putting Others Down
  • Lack of transparency in discipline process
  • Lack of information on consequences
  • Positive actions aren’t publicized enough
  • Common areas need to be monitored
  • Buses need monitors
  • Gym areas need more teachers or monitors

Possible Solutions

  • Buddy Bench
    • Made by high school students
  • Buddy System
  • Name Jar
    • Student draws a name and says something nice about that person
  • Parent engagement
  • Monthly Focus on Respect, thoughtfulness, being considerate, selflessness
    • Have handouts of Traits of a Brave
  • Teachers making time to fully listen to students
    • Every teacher or student connecting with another teacher or student
    • Hotspots - pictures of students and teachers with “connection” dots
      • Student name, home room teacher, staff mentor
  • Education parents on different social media platforms and what happens on these sites
  • Empathy training for staff and students
  • Transparency - add matrices to handbook
  • Give parents what the investigation process is
  • Educate parents, staff, and students on escalation of consequences
  • Focus on training staff
  • Be respectful
  • Be transparent with investigations
  • Have monitors near bathrooms
  • Train bus drivers and monitors to have patience

The campus administrators will be implementing some of these solutions, as well as other changes, over the next month before the anti-bullying committee meets again on Monday, October 18.