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Device Return

As we approach the end of our school year and conclusion of #BravesID it is time to return district-issued technology devices.

Technology return will be held May 26th - 29th at Edge MS North parking lot (parent pickup parking lot near band hall)

drop off

Tuesday 9 AM-12 PM, Last names A-H

Wednesday 9 AM-12 PM, Last names I-Q

Thursday 9 AM-12 PM, Last names R-Z

Friday 3 PM-6 PM, PM time for anyone that couldn't make it on their designated day

Students completing summer school with Community ISD or Collin College will keep their devices and have a later turn in date.

CISD Technology will be charging for any visible damage and discuss the damage with the parents if needed. We will only charge the cost of the parts and these are the prices:

Screen: $20

Touch Screen: $80

Keyboard: $40

Base/Lid: $20

Charger: $20 

Hotspot: $50

Destroyed/Lost Device: $150


Frequently Asked Questions:

Edge will be the return location for all campuses. We need to disinfect all the devices as they are returned and feel it is better not to spread them amongst different campuses.
We can see if a student has already used their $30 and we will only charge those that are on their second damage this year. The exceptions would be if they lost or completely destroyed the device. This includes hotspots.

We will take cash payments if parents/students have them, but they will need to have the correct amount. We will not be able to provide change. We should not be passing money back and forth due to contamination concerns. 
We will have the ability to invoice the damages through MySchoolBucks so parents can pay online. 
A parent does not have to be present to turn in a device. However, if damages are involved parents would have the opportunity to ask questions about the charges if they are present.