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Reentry Committee

Be Part of the Planning

Community ISD is looking for parents and community members interested in serving on a very important committee over the next four weeks. Destination 8/26 is an opportunity for you to provide input as we plan, prioritize, establish protocols, and develop contingency plans for Community ISD to begin a new school year in this ongoing and ever-evolving COVID-19 era.


There will be two subcommittees investigating, planning, and developing recommendations for CISD as we prepare for our planned reentry to school on August 26, 2020.


Participation in either sub-committee will require reviewing resources provided by your committee chairperson, as well as attendance at 1-3 virtual meetings per week for up to four weeks beginning Monday, May 18.


To learn more or to request to be a member of the Destination 8/26 committee, please click here.