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We know this spring is going to be like none other we've ever experienced. However, we still want to celebrate the season and find ways to connect the #BraveNation even while we are apart.

We've been doing some research (learning at home!) on spring flowers and we discovered that the Forget-Me-Not flower has blue petals and a yellow center! We love those colors but LOVE even more that this flower is recognized for representing loyalty in a relationship, despite separation or other challenges.

So, we found enough packets of seeds for over 1,000 Braves to plant Forget-Me-Not flowers across our #CommUNITY!!

We've made the packets available for FREE at four of our local businesses who are deemed essential or take-out. All you have to do is ask for the Community ISD seed packets at the counter or window. Please take one for each Brave in your family. Thank you to CWC Creations, Crossroads, Josephine Market, and MLK Mart in Lavon for helping us safely share the seed packets.

See more instructions in the link below and be sure to share your pictures as you plant your seeds. We also want everyone to start sharing pictures of the beauty of spring flowers and blooms with the hashtag #BravesBloom

Click here for #BravesBloom details