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Important Health Reminders

It's that time of year again when colds and flu-like illnesses can be easily spread from person to person. We want our parents to know Community ISD is taking diligent steps to help reduce illness at school including:

  • Teaching and reinforcing good handwashing and cough/sneeze etiquette
  • Making hand sanitizer available and encouraging everyone to use it
  • Cleaning daily by our custodial staff. Extra cleaning is initiated when there are reports of increased illness.
  • Care is provided by the school nurse if a student becomes sick at school. The campus will notify parents promptly if the student must be sent home.

Here are a few things you can do to help us keep our students and staff healthy:

  • Teach your children to wash their hands often with soap and water, or to use hand sanitizer frequently. You can set a good example by doing this at home.
  • Remind children not to share personal items like drinks, food or unwashed utensils.
  • Show your children how to cover their coughs and sneezes with tissues, or to cover their coughs or sneezes using their elbow, arm or sleeve instead of their hand when a tissue is unavailable.
  • Keep sick children at home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever or signs of a fever, without using fever-reducing medicines (Tylenol or Ibuprofen). Children with diarrhea must stay home until diarrhea-free for 24 hours without the use of diarrhea-suppressing medication. Any children who are determined to be sick while at school will be sent home.
  • It is very important that you do not send children to school if they have any flu-like symptoms such as fever greater than 100°F, sore throat, cough, body aches, vomiting or diarrhea.

We need your help to make sure we have #HealthyBraves at school. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse.