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Wireless Network Change

(October 8, 2019) We want to make you aware of a recent change to the CISD wireless network. In order to provide a safe digital environment for our students and our systems, the open wireless connection at all four campuses has been disabled. Restricting the connection to CISD’s network not only protects our students by filtering the content accessed online, it also better protects the district from external cyber-security threats. While this change in the wireless connection should not impact your student’s daily academic experience, the CISD Technology Department has provided the following reminders:


  • All school-issued chromebooks should connect directly to a filtered and secure wireless connection when on campus. If your student’s school-issued device is not connecting to the internet they should inform their teacher, and if necessary take the device to the tech shop (CHS) or library (EMS).

  • A student’s personal device (phone, tablet, etc.) will no longer be able to connect to the CISD wireless. (Exceptions will be made for medical devices, please see your school nurse)

  • Teachers and staff will have access to a secure wireless connection through their district-issued log-in credentials.


Thank you for your support as we provide a safe and secure learning environment for our Braves! #SafeBraves #ConnectedBraves