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2019 CISD Tax Rate Decrease

On August 19, 2019 the Community ISD Board of Trustees voted to adopt a tax rate for 2019 of 1.598400. The approved rate marks an 8.68% reduction from the previous year’s rate and will translate to a 7-cent per $100 valuation reduction for CISD taxpayers. This is the lowest tax rate seen by Community ISD property owners since 2011.

Tax Rates in CISD

The 86th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3 which included property tax relief and a tax rate compression throughout Texas. HB 3 also set a cap on how much revenue districts can raise in local taxes. It is important to note however, there is not a cap on property values, which continue to rise in Collin County. 

While the tax rate is going down by 8.6%, the average home value has increased on average between 7 - 10%. If you notice an increase in CISD taxes, this is due to an increase in your property value not an increase in the CISD tax rate.

For more information on the Collin County Property Taxes and Appraisal District, visit their website.