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Brag on a Brave

Brag on a Brave!

Brag on a Brave is a new way for you to compliment a Community ISD employee, student or volunteer you observe demonstrating the Traits of a Brave: being generous, humble, passionate and wise. The Traits of a Brave define the positive character, choices and behavior we expect from our Braves at every level. This is your opportunity to help us celebrate and acknowledge members of the Brave Nation who exemplify these traits!


Here are some brag-worthy examples:


  • A teacher who has really poured encouragement and extra time to help a student be successful
  • A student who goes out of his or her way to help someone
  • A parent volunteer who is always willing to get involved
  • A teacher who spends extra-time sharing lesson ideas or collaborating with his or her peers


  • A staff member who is always working hard behind the scenes
  • A student who accept some constructive criticism with a very positive attitude
  • A student who seeks out help from a classmate to understand something better
  • A staff member or parent volunteer who always shows appreciation for the work others are doing


  • A student who is hungry to learn more about a subject or topic
  • A teacher or staff member who really loves his or her job/students
  • A parent volunteer who works hard to finish a big task or event
  • A staff member who does an excellent job on a project


  • A student who makes a good decision in a tough situation
  • A teacher or staff member who has earned a certification, degree, award or acknowledgement outside of school
  • A volunteer who everyone can count on to say the right thing 

CLICK HERE to submit your nomination.

Once a month Brag on a Brave certificates will be delivered to those who have been nominated and a list of recipients will be published on the CISD website. Thank you for helping us Brag on our Braves!!!