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School Board Month

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Community ISD is proud to join the Texas Association of School Boards and other districts across the state to honor the countless contributions of our locally elected advocates for the Brave Nation, Texas schoolchildren and public schools.

The members of the CISD Board of Trustees have one shared priority and that is to provide the students of Community ISD with educational tools and opportunities they need and deserve. A phrase frequently heard in board discussions and comments or tweets from board members is “our kids deserve it.” The Trustees view themselves as servant leaders and are passionately dedicated to ensuring the district is providing the students of CISD an education that prepares them to be successful community members and valuable citizens.

Each Trustee is a committed and humble member of the Team of Eight. They seek out opportunities to serve and celebrate CISD students, staff and community members. They each have a genuine dedication to the students, staff and families of the district. They also share the belief that outcomes for students will continue to improve as the support and engagement of parents, grandparents, staff and community members continues to increase in Community ISD.

The board believes student success is most accurately measured in many ways beyond traditional state-required testing. They have consistently demonstrated support for a variety of extra-curricular activities and regularly celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of students. The board encourages innovative practices and programs dedicated to providing a well-rounded education for all Community ISD Braves.

Join us this January as we show our appreciation to Board President Mike Shepard, Vice-President Randy McCuistion, Secretary and Master Trustee Jeff Pendill, Trustee Jana Hunter, Trustee Marc Stanfield, Trustee Alicia Young, and Trustee Sean Walker.

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