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Generous Traits of a Brave

Meet Girl Scout troop 3186, a group of 6 elementary students from McClendon and NeSmith Elementary. Alyssa, Ella, Kayla, Madilynn, Samantha, and Sydney demonstrate the Traits of a Brave by being generous with their “Warm Drive”. These six girls identified a need in the community and worked hard throughout the month of November to earn their Bronze Badge. The “Warm Drive” consisted of collecting hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, blankets, and socks and other warm items at all four Community ISD campuses, Josephine City Hall and Lavon City Hall for Community member in need.

Total number of items collected from all CISD campuses, Lavon City Hall, Josephine City Hall and the Fountain View neighborhood was 289!
Blankets: 18
Hat and Glove sets: 4
Hats: 38
Socks: 121 pairs
Gloves/ Mittens: 100 pairs
Jackets: 8

Bronze Award

The girls said they believe that generous means “helping others” “being proactive and going out of your comfort zone to help others” and “to be kind and spread kindness.” They came up with the idea to do the “Warm Drive” because they saw the need in the community and they wanted to make a big difference.

Bronze Award

They have been together as a group for five year and love earning working together and earning different merit badges and helping others in the community. Sydney and Samantha said they are most proud of earning the Retiring the Flag badge because they learned the proper way to retire a flag and the meaning behind it. Madilynn said she was most proud of earning the 200+ cookie badge because it showed how hard she worked for the Girl Scouts fundraiser and her troop. Alyssa had fun earning the first aid badge because she knows she is prepared to help others when they need it.

Bronze Award

Their troop leader, Amy Bender, is very proud of the work these girls have done and the generosity they have shown to our community. She said, “They don’t plan on stopping any time soon.”