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Severe Weather Reminders

It is spring in Texas, and that means it is severe weather season. CISD has practices and procedures to keep our campuses safe. Students and staff regularly practice emergency drills to ensure they know what to do if a situation arises. Anytime there is the possibility of storms in the area, central administration will closely monitor weather conditions. In the event severe weather does occur, we will follow our emergency procedures.

If we are predicted to experience severe weather, updates will be published on our social media (Twitter and Facebook) as well as via our Blackboard call out system. The Community ISD Mobile App will also send an alert to all users (download the mobile app at iTunes or Google Play) All weather related and emergency notifications on social media will use the hashtag "#SafeBraves"

We will make decisions about changes or cancellations to after school and evening events before 1 PM if possible.

Please be aware that if severe weather is approaching near dismissal time the school may enter “shelter in place” mode. No students will be released to check out once the campus has entered "shelter in place".  We understand parents may want to pick up their child, but it is important for all staff to be focused on the students and keeping things as safe and normal as possible for them in this situation. Parents who are on site and waiting in the parking lot will be invited to shelter in place inside the building until the warning is lifted. Keep in mind that under the most serious conditions, front doors will be locked and staff will be positioned away from windows and doors for safety reasons; therefore, staff will not be available to allow family members to enter the building.  

If your child rides a bus, please be aware that in the event of severe weather in the area, buses will not run until the warning has been lifted. If buses are already running when this occurs, drivers are trained to seek the nearest shelter.

Any time there is a chance of severe weather in the area, remember to stay weather aware and look for any updates from CISD via our Blackboard mobile app and messaging system should we experience dangerous weather conditions.