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New Look Braves

As we celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2017-18, we noticed that our beloved mascot, Lacone Jo did not have an official logo to represent our BRAVEnation pride!

A little history about our mascot:

The boys in the first graduating class of 1948 were charged with selecting a mascot for the new Community Rural High School. According to written accounts, the Brave was chosen because "a brave stands for strength and endurance. A brave will face any obstacle with courage. A brave is dauntless and always strives to make a good showing and is always courageous. A brave is always loyal to the tribe."

In 1986, students held a district-wide contest to give the beloved Brave mascot a name. Tammy Diaz, a CHS cheerleader submitted the winning name: Lacone Jo which stands for the first two letters of our four towns: LAvon, COpeville, NEvada and JOsephine.

Over the years there have been many different versions of Braves clipart and some original art designs used across the district as our mascot. As we enter our 71st year, we felt it was time to celebrate our Brave mascot and give Lacone Jo an official brand logo.

Braves Over the Years

Brand Identity Project

So, this summer we embarked on a process to create a standard mascot logo to add to our other official CISD logos (arrowhead C, arrowhead E, circle N, circle M and official crest) and to represent our beloved mascot Lacone Jo. (pictured above bottom right)

We gathered some ideas from previous versions of the Brave mascots which have been used throughout our District’s history and we had some of our art students submit ideas. These ideas and historical versions were provided to a graphic design firm and they provided us three concepts of what a Brave mascot could look like. In June we conducted over a dozen small focus groups with students, staff, parents, alumni and potential spirit wear vendors. As a result of their feedback we revised these concepts and our excited to release these new Braves Mascot logos on July 28, 2018 - the District's 71st birthday!!

New Braves mascot Logo

These mascot logos are not replacing any of our existing school logos. The new logos are intended to enhance our Brave Nation pride and provide a unique brand identity image of THE Community Braves. It is important to note that all previous versions and other variations of “Braves” spirit shirts will still be acceptable as part of the school dress code. And, these logos will now be available for all local spirit wear vendors and school groups to use to create new spirit wear and spirit items. We hope you are as excited as we are about seeing the new face of the Brave Nation!

If you are a spirit vendor or school group and you would like to request the new logo graphic files, please email