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Classroom Spotlight - IT

IT Students Get Hands-On Experience in Possible IT Careers
Recently, students in the Principles of Information Technology class experienced exactly what a possible career in the IT industry could be like through a hands-on lab using the disassembly and reassembly of computer hardware to learn the different parts of a computer. 
Students identified missing pieces and completely took apart a retired computer tower and reassembled it in under 12 minutes.  One group even holds the record for an eight minute re-assembly!
For their unit assessment, students had to identify parts that were missing and attempted to boot up the computer, as well as troubleshot for possible software and hardware issues. 
Upon completing this course, students will be able to troubleshoot any computer from any error, perform quick fixes, create solutions for known problems, and be able to repair or replace hardware for any computer system. 
What a great opportunity to experience what life in any technological career is like! Great job Mr. Fitzwater and the students of Principles of IT!
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