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Sully's Diner Dive and Decimal

The class was set up like a Diner with table cloths, place mats, calculators, and a small bucket of coins . The coins are there to   help with place value when finding the tax and tip of an order, when student calculate on the calculator the answer may result in .9625 and having the coins there will help them the correct change . Students where waiters , cooks and guest. Each took turns, while others students worked out the problems finding the tax and adding a tip . Cooks had to understand measurements in order to fill the orders that were given by the waiter, when only given real items from anyone kitchen. 3/4's and only having a 1\4 cup ect.  My hope is that when they go to a restaurant that they understand the complete dynamics of the inter working of a diner/restaurant.  Life Skills came over to enjoy the experience. Fun Times. 

-Mrs. Sullivan (6-8 Math Resource)