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Back to School HQ

We are so excited about this upcoming 2024-25 school year, and can't wait to see your smiling faces back on campus! This page combines all of the resources you will need to begin the 2024-2025 year fully prepared. If you have any questions, please contact your campus. For tech support, call 972-843-6401 or email

For Returning Students

Skyward Family access

Online Back to School Forms for all returning Community ISD students is now open! The online back to school forms replace paper packets and make the process faster and easier for families with multiple students. If you do not know your Family Access login credentials, please email and include your child’s name and campus. Using Family Access, parents will have real time data about their child’s grades, attendance, assignments and more. Alerts can be set to your individual preferences and the information is easily accessed using the Family Access.

If you have a new child entering school this year, you can add them in your already existing Family Access account. For Family Access help or login credentials, please email or contact Tech Help at 972-843-6401. Be sure to include your name, your child’s name and the campus of attendance.

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For New Students

New Student Enrollment

New student enrollment for Kindergarten through 12th grade is now open!

If you already have a student in Pre-K or an older student within Community ISD, please do not complete online new student enrollment. You may add your incoming student in your existing Family Access Account.  

Use our online school zone locator to verify your school of attendance. 

You can upload these required documents as part of the online enrollment process. We can also help you complete this task at a campus office if you don’t have access to a scanner. We'll be happy to help with this when our campuses and offices reopen.

  • Proof of Residency

    • A utility bill with a date, within a month of enrollment, must be provided to the school the student is zoned to attend to prove residency in the attendance zone.  In accordance with the Texas Education Agency, residency is not defined by an address on a driver’s license, a signature on a lease, or the address on a utility bill. These are indicators that may expedite verifying residency. CISD Board Policy also states that, "the District may investigate stated residency as necessary."

      Utility bills include: 

      • Water

      • Electric

      • Gas

      • Trash/recycling

      • Internet/cable

      • Landline phone

      • Lease or building agreement/deed/land contract for future moves into the district (accepted up to 60 days of move in date)

  • Immunization Records - (View Requirements)

  • Birth Certificate(s)

  • Social Security

  • Legal Guardian identification/photo

  • Home Language Survey

District, Zones and Maps

Back to School FAQ

When is the first day of school?

Monday, August 12, 2024 for all students, Pre-K through 12th grade.

How do I register my child?

Registration and enrollment for new and returning students will open soon. If you need help enrolling or registering your student, or if you do not have internet access, please call your student's campus.


CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions About Online Registration

When can I pick up my student(s) schedule(s)?

Once students have registered/enrolled, schedules will be built in Skyward. When that process is complete, each campus will notify parents and set up a time to pick up schedules any make any corrections should the need arise.

Please contact your campus(es) if you have any questions regarding class schedules.

Edge Middle School - 972-843-6600
Community Trails Middle School - 972-843-6650
Community High School - 972-843-6500

Is there a dress code?Yes. The purposes of the standardized dress code policy for Community ISD include:

You can read more about the dress code by clicking HERE.

  • Focusing the learning environment on academics
  • Clarifying expectations and increasing accountability for both students and staff
  • Ensuring safety and security for all campuses
  • Developing pride, unity, and self-respect in our students
  • Preparing students for real-world life experiences

Where can I find school supplies lists?Community ISD is proud to continue providing an online school supply list for the 2024-25 school year. Thanks to our partners at Teacher Lists, now parents are able to find and shop their child's supply list easily with the convenience of in-store pickup or one-click shopping from our national retail partners including Target, Walmart and Office Depot.


All 6th-12th grade students are encouraged to bring the following to the first day of school:

1. Backpack
2. Notebook
3. Two #2 Pencils
4. Two blue or black pens
5. Two red pens

More specific lists will be shared by your students' teachers within the first two weeks of school. These supply lists vary so much between subjects and teachers that one list for all students wouldn't work very well, as students would be buying supplies they didn't need. The supplies listed above will serve your student(s) well for the first two weeks of school.

Are the campus hours changing this year?

Yes, due to the modified four-day instructional week, school hours were modified to meet state instructional minute requirements.

Specific bell schedules will be shared later this summer.


7:00 am - Doors open 
7:15 am - Busses and teachers arrive 
7:20 am - Students to class 
7:30 am - Tardy bell, classes start 
3:40 pm - Dismissal

Middle School:

Doors Open/ Breakfast                   7:45-8:00
1st Period                                              8:05-9:01
2nd Period                                            9:05-10:01
3rd Period                                             10:05-11:01
4th Period                                             11:05-12:41
        A Lunch 11:07-11:37
        B Lunch 11:39-12:09
        C Lunch 12:11-12:41
5th Period (Brave Time 37 min.) 12:45-1:25
6th Period                                             1:29-2:25
7th Period                                             2:29-3:25
8th Period                                             3:29-4:25

Community High School:

Doors Open/Breakfast.                   7:40 am - 8:00 am
1st:                                                           8:05 am - 9:02 am
2nd:                                                        9:07 am - 10:04 am
3rd:                                                         10:09 am - 11:06 am
4th:                                                         11:11 am - 1:19 pm
        A Lunch: 11:07 am - 11:37 am
        B Lunch: 11:41 am - 12:11 pm
        C Lunch: 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
        D Lunch: 12:49 pm - 1:19 pm
5th:                                                          1:24 pm - 2:21 pm
6th:                                                         2:26 pm - 3:23 pm
7th:                                                          3:28 pm - 4:25 pm
Dismissal                                              4:25 pm

How can my student(s) get Free or Reduced breakfast and lunch?This year, the State of Texas will return to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Programs (SBP) for Public Schools. To find out if you're eligible for free school meals or to submit an application, please click HERE. REMEMBER - every student MUST re-qualify every year for the meal program. If a student was on the meal program at the end of the last school year, their benefit will continue for the first 30 operating days (September 20, 2024) of the new school year.

After that time frame, if there is no application on file, the student will be charged for full paying meals.

For more information on applications for free or reduced-price meals, please contact the Child Nutrition Department at (972) 843-6080.

How can I get a copy of the 2024-25 Community ISD school calendar?You can get a digital version of the calendar in English or Spanish HERE, or you can pick up a physical copy at the Back to School Bash.

Are any immunizations required?

Community ISD's Health Services Department has the state-required immunization schedule posted HERE, along with other helpful information.

Does my child need to complete a physical to participate in athletics?

Yes. All students must have an athletics physical before they practice in any sport. You can access the physical packet by clicking HERE.

Can my student(s) get their immunizations at the Back to School Bash?

No. The immunization clinic is now a separate event from the Bash.