• Grading Averages

    • Students will receive a minimum of 9 formative grades and 3 summative grades during each nine week grading period.
    • The general guideline is that students receive a minimum of one formative grade each week and one summative grade each three weeks.
    • Formative grades will count 60% of a student’s nine week grading period average. Summative grades will count as 40%.

    Make-up Work/Absent Work

    • For every school day absent, the student has one school day for completion of missed assignments.

    Retake Policy

    • Upon successful completion of a reasonable intervention measure, a student will be given an opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test.
    • Completion of retake: three days from the student being informed of the failing grade or three days from the posting of the grade in the online grading system.
    • Must be requested by student.
    • Student must attend a tutorial to re-do the assignment or retake the test within three class meetings.
    • The original assignment/test MUST have been turned in or taken on time.
    • Maximum grade received for redo or retake will be a 70.
    • The teacher will record the higher of the two grades.
    • All classwork turned in after the timeline above will receive no credit. (zero)



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