Each CHS Senior will be invited to participate in the Senior Portfolio Project at the end of their Junior Year.  Students will be invited to join a Google Classroom where they will find all information and task assignments.  Parents are invited to monitor student progress and participate in some tasks with their students.  

    Portfolio guidelines will be presented during senior rotation at the beginning of the school year, and will be made available on the College & Career Readiness Website at www.communityisd.org. 

    This program provides an opportunity for ALL Seniors to earn recognition for production of the portfolio demonstrating their accomplishments during their High School career, regardless of their rank or GPA.  The purpose of this project is not to highlight accomplishments of the top ranking students, although they are certainly invited to participate.  The purpose of this project is to encourage ALL students to complete tasks that we feel are necessary for each graduate to become prepared for their life after high school.