Graduation Student Expectations

  • The following guidelines and procedures are part of the graduation contract signed by each senior and their parents:

    A student’s graduation ceremony is a time to honor academic achievement. Students and family look forward to the culmination of years of hard work in a formal ceremony in which everyone may enjoy and celebrate. The commencement program for the District shall be conducted according to the following guidelines:

    1. Participation in a commencement program shall be voluntary. Students must sign the Commencement Participation Commitment Contract. To participate, a student must meet all state and local graduation requirements.

    2. Misconduct, distractions, defiance of commencement procedures, and/or lack of compliance with dress requirements shall not be allowed. Walking the stage is a privilege not a right.

    3. Approval for graduation cap designs will only be given consideration for College, Trade School and Military. The deadline for graduation cap designs to be submitted for approval is May 18th.

    4. Students shall comply with the commencement dress code. The dress code for the boys is as follows: dress slacks with a white shirt and tie, dress shoes or boots ­ no athletic shoes or sandals, facial hair must be neatlytrimmed. facial piercings are not allowed. (nose, eyebrow, lip, etc.) The dress code for the girls is as follows: dress, skirt or dress slacks, dress shoes ­no athletic shoes. Facial piercings are not allowed. (nose, eyebrow, lip, etc.)

    Inspection shall be conducted before the processional. Those students in violation shall be summarily removed from the program participation. All policies relating to student conduct that are applicable in the school shall remain in force until the end of all commencement activities.

    The school may hold a student's diploma and require the student to complete community service hours for misbehavior at the commencement ceremony before the diploma is given to the student.

    A student is not required to participate in the commencement program in order to receive the diploma.

    CLICK HERE to download the graduation contract.

Cap Designs

  • The deadline for graduation cap designs to be submitted for approval is Friday, May 18, 2018. Please note that the largest and most visible portion of the cap design must be dedicated to the graduate's college/university, trade school or military branch. Other appropriate personalizations and sentiments may be included along the edges or on the corners of the cap, as long as the largest portion of the cap design is dedicated to celebrating the next academic institution or military branch destination for the graduate.