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Tribe System

What is a Tribe?

A “tribe” is much like a “house” in house systems used to collect points for meeting & exceeding expected behaviors. House systems are used in many schools and universities across the world, and have been demonstrated in books and movies like Harry Potter and Tom Brown's School Days. Because Community is the home of the Braves, we prefer to use the word Tribe instead of House! Here in Community, we have four tribes based on the four traits of a Brave. Each tribe has it’s own color and symbol. The tribes are shown below.


What is a Tribe System/House System?

The tribe system, also known as a house system, is a positive behavior system in which students and faculty in the entire district are provided the opportunity to interact across grade levels and campuses. Each student collects points for their tribe by meeting behavior expectations. Students in tribes encourage one another and work together to exemplify the traits of a Brave as they learn about the traits from faculty and staff members in the process.  In doing so, the school community will benefit from positive peer pressure, increased school spirit, and healthy competition.


How does the Tribe System work?

All CISD staff members and students will be assigned to a tribe. Starting on Monday, August 28, students at McClendon will begin earning points for their tribe. We are looking for students that are not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them consistently and encouraging one another in the process. Points are tracked for each tribe and then calculated each week. The winning tribe for each campus will have their tribe flag flown on the flag pole the following week! Each campus will have different celebrations for tribe points, but we plan to have a big district-wide celebration for the tribe with the most points at the end of the year! While earning points for their tribes, students will have opportunities to unite with other members of their tribe from other classes and campuses to bring more unity & peer leadership across the district.