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  • Hello! Welcome to the McClendon Elementary School Nurse page.  I hope you find the links that I've listed helpful.  Let me know if I can be of assistance to you and your family.  
    Medication Policy-
    Over the Counter Medication may be given at school for a duration less than 5 days with a parent signed medication form.  Medication must be received in the original container, not expired, and be recommended for the age of child receiving it.
    Prescription Medication must be received in the original container, with original prescription label on it
    *All medication must be brought to the school by a parent or guardian (not the child) and be accompanied by the Medication Permission form in the link below.
    If your student has asthma and requires any medication or treatment at school, please complete a medication permission form for each medication.  Please also have your doctor complete the Asthma Actio Plan below.
    Food Allergies-
    If your student has a food allergy please complete the food allergy info sheet below.  If your student requires any medication for reactions to food please have your doctor complete the Allergy/Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan below.

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  • Ashley Parker, RN