2021-22 Calendar Background

  • ALERT: The 2021-22 calendar was revised on December 1, 2021, with a new student return date of January 10, 2022.



    The 2021-22 CISD academic calendar was developed with primary consideration for meeting state requirements, as well as our current instructional needs. We also do our best to maintain the traditional holiday breaks valued by our students, families and staff.

    A calendar committee was formed in January 2021 that considered state requirements, proposed calendars for other school districts in our region, instructional needs for our campuses, and suggestions from parents in surveys from previous years. A link to the parent and staff feedback survey was posted on February 12, 2021, to the CISD website and shared with all parents via Blackboard email, sent to all staff via CISD email, and posted to social media. Parents, staff, students, and community members were able to provide feedback until February 19, 2021. Over 400 people provided feedback on the proposed calendar with nearly 70 percent indicating they would like to start earlier than in 2020-21. 54.1% wanted Spring Break to line up with other school districts and our dual-credit classes, and 83.7 percent wanted full student holidays for professional development instead of early release days. In addition, many parents indicated taht they would like our school day shortened from 470 minutes a day. After feedback was gathered, a proposed calendar was brought before the CISD Board of Trustees for consideration in the February 22, 2021 regular board meeting. The calendar was then approved in the March 22, 2021 board meeting with planned instructional time of 460 minutes per day, 10 minutes shorter than in 2020-21.

    It is important to keep in mind that each year is unique and the school calendar is developed based on survey feedback, district instructional needs, peer district calendars and university calendars, and requirements from the state. The 2021-22 school calendar was approved by the CISD Board of Trustees on Monday, March 22, 2021.