• At 211° water is hot. At 212°, it boils.

    And with boiling water, comes steam.

    And with steam, you can power a train.

    The one extra degree makes the difference. 

    This year, we're asking everyone in Community ISD to have a 212° commitment and a 212° attitude. Every district administration employee has been issued 212°: The Extra Degree by Sam Parker. We're excited to see how it inspires people in Brave Nation.

    When you see someone showing that EXTRA commitment to our district, a school, a team, a club, or an individidual student, nominate them to be part of the Community ISD 212° Club. 

    We'll honor those Braves on a regular basis throughout the 2021-22 academic year and list the 212° Club members on this page.

212 Club Nomination Form

A 212 Attitude