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CISD Parking Policy


Parking on CISD Property

  • Vehicles parked in Community ISD campuses/property are under the jurisdiction of the Community Independent School District and are subject to the rules and polices of Community ISD.


    • All vehicles must clearly display a valid Community ISD parking permit.
    • Visitors without a valid parking permit should park in designated Visitor parking areas.
    • Vehicles parked in Handicap Parking spots must have a valid Handicap Parking placard or license plate designation.
    • Parking permits are non-transferable. All vehicles must be properly and legally parked.
    • Parking in Fire Lanes, even for a short amount of time, is prohibited by law.
    • Vehicles are properly and legally parked only when they are in a clearly marked parking space.
    • Parking in a roadway or driveway is not proper or legal parking.
    • All vehicles on Community ISD property are expected to observe all traffic regulations while coming to or leaving from school property.


CHS Parking Map

CISD Parking Policy and Forms