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Bilingual/ESL Services

Bilingual Education/ESL Department


The BE/ESL Department supports the District mission by fostering a culture of collaboration that ensures equity in the instruction of English Learners empowering them to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.


Community ISD’s BE/ESL Department is committed to providing quality research-based services to students, parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure all English Learners attain high levels of proficiency in English and achieve high academic standards while embracing cultural and linguistic diversity.

Language Programs

English as a Second Language

English Learners in grades PK through 12 that participate in our ESL program are provided instruction that addresses affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs of the English Learners in accordance with §89.210 and §TEC, 29.055 (b)

Bilingual Education

Community ISD implements the Gomez and Gomez One-Way Dual Language Program Model where students identified as English Learners are served in both English and Spanish in PK through Fifth Grade at McClendon Elementary.  Instruction provided in Spanish is delivered by a teacher appropriately certified in bilingual education under §TEC, 29.061. 

Digital Supports for English Learners

Community ISD is committed to student learning and English language development in a distance learning environment.  Providing ELs with equal access and opportunity to high-quality instruction requires campus administration and teachers to implement instructional strategies that allow language acquisition to occur across all content areas all day, every day, even in the distance learning environment.  The District will follow TEA English Learner Program Implementation Guidance. 

Digital Tools to Support English Learners

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