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Social Media Guidelines

Staff Who Manage CISD Social Media Accounts - CLICK HERE

Thank you for Experiencing the BLUE with us on our district and campus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

As a follower of our Community ISD social media, you have the ability to post comments. Please adhere to the following guidelines when commenting:

By posting or commenting as described above, users give Community ISD the right to remove comments that violate this Terms of Use. Comments are also subject to Facebook's/Twitter/Instagram's Terms of Use.

Comments posted by users do not in any way reflect the opinions of Community ISD.

  • Please deomnstrate the Traits of a Brave by respecting others’ opinions (Generous), offering praise when someone deserves it (Humble), learn the facts and ask for information rather than assume (Passionate) and watch your words (Wise).
  • Understand any comments that are profane, offensive, defamatory, inappropriate, or otherwise objectionable will be hidden and extreme or repeated violations will result in the user being blocked.
  • Do not post personal information of any person other than yourself. If you choose to post your own contact information for any reason, please be aware that the information will be available to the public and is, therefore, subject to misuse.
  • Assume that all postings on the page will be publically available on the Internet and therefore publically accessible without limitation or protection of any kind.
  • Do not post material that promotes or advertises a commercial product, solicits business, membership, financial, or other support in any business, group, or organization, except those that are sponsored by Community ISD.
  • Do not post the same comment multiple times, or otherwise distribute spam.