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Media Guidelines

Community Independent School District Media Guidelines 

Community ISD will work cooperatively with the news media for coverage of questionable issues, crisis, general news, and events involving the district. 

Please respect the following CISD media guidelines that will ensure the integrity of our instructional day and allow us to provide consistent, accurate information to our media representatives. 

The following guidelines are in effect at all CISD facilities and for all CISD employees: 

Your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Cooper Welch at 972-843-6050 or via email at

  • All media inquiries must be directed to the Public Relations Department, Terry Pope Administration Building at 972-843-6050. Calling administrators, campuses, or CISD employees directly will delay the transmission of information you or your reporters need to do their job. CISD staff must alert the Public Relations Department any time they receive a media inquiry.
  • A staff member of the Public Relations Department will be present at any and all interviews with members of the media. When it is not possible for a Public Relations Department staff member to be present, the interview will be recorded by the CISD employee and reviewed by the Public Relations Department.
  • The Public Relations Department reserves the right to refuse availability for a CISD employee. If a CISD employee is not available for comment, a written statement will be issued by the Public Relations Department. Any other communication with the media will be considered not authorized by or representation of the District.
  • The Public Relations Department must be contacted when a representative of the media visits a facility. If the media visits a CISD facility* without prior approval from the Communications Supervisor, he or she should be asked to leave and sent to the Public Relations Department. The principal will be notified to coordinate an appropriate time and campus contact person for media visits.
    • * - Exception: If the district hosts a public event, then the above guidelines do not apply. (i.e. sporting events, talent shows)
  • Cameras/reporters will not be allowed inside the facility unless the CISD Public Relations Department has been notified and it is determined that such a visit will not be disruptive.
    • Photographs and video may be taken by the media at the discretion of the campus administrator/Public Relations Department.
    • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) must be followed at all times. Each campus has a list of students whose “directory information” (i.e. name, address, picture) cannot be released per the parent’s request.
  • The Superintendent or their designee shall be the official spokesperson for CISD.