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Appearance Requests

Community ISD's mascot (Lacone Jo), our spirit programs (Cheer, Dazzlin' Dames), and our drumline are available for some public and private events. If you are interested in booking an appearance by one of these groups, please check our options and guidelines below, then submit a request for appearance form.

Community ISD reserves the right to refuse any appearance for any reason, based solely on the judgement of CISD Administration.


Cheer, Dazzlin' Dames, Drumline, and Lacona Jo are unable to make appearances during STAAR testing periods.

To request an appearance by Community ISD Cheer, Dazzlin' Dames, Drumline, or Lacone Jo, please review all directions and guidelines below and submit a request at the link above.

  1. The requesting group/organization must submit a completed appearance contract prior to the event. All events are subject to approval and contracts must be submitted in a timely manner in order to be considered. Please see the appearance "request now" button
  2. Appearance requests are reviewed on a weekly basis. We will review your request and notify you regarding the status of your requests within 7 days following your submission. Requests are filled on a first come, first served basis and subject to team availability.
  3. After the appearance takes place an invoice will be sent to you for payment. Payment is expected within five business days.
  4. Any cancellation within a week prior to the appearance is subject to a cancellation fee if your appearance is approved.
  5. Please contact the Communications Department email at a week prior to the event to confirm all details.
  6. Event date/time changes may be requested for approved appearances but cannot be guaranteed and are subject to cancellation.


Community ISD Cheer, Dames, and Drumline Program and Mascot Program Appearance Guidelines

  • Students may not attend a function that causes them to miss classes, practices, Community Athletics events, or other program obligations.

  • For events not located on a Community ISD campus, the client agrees to pay the standard Texas mileage rate of $0.67 cents per mile (valid Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024). For all appearance requests outside the Community ISD area, the requesting group/organization must provide round trip travel and lodging (if applicable).

  • Requested Spirit Program and Mascot Program members may not accept gifts, special promotions, or other items unless those items are approved by coaching staff and compliance prior to the event.

  • Community ISD reserves the right to cancel an appearance at any time due to schedule changes, illness, emergencies, etc.

  • Appearances are charged by the hour! We recommend limiting to a two-hour timeframe for Drumline, Cheer and Dazzlin' Dames and limiting to a one-hour timeframe for Mascots. 

  • Keep in mind that Community ISD students attend events as special guests to represent the District. They are there to meet and greet guests, take photos and/or perform. They are not available to assist in any manual labor, set up or tear down of the event. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this policy.

  • Community ISD students cannot appear at a business or event that has alcohol or any illegal substance on the premises.

  • Requesting group/organization must provide the following:

    • Parking

    • Private changing room and break area for mascots that is not a restroom

    • Secure area to store personal belongings

    • On site contact person to communicate all details of the event

    • A sound system for any appearances involving a performance

  • Community ISD may provide a handler to assist in escorting Lacone Jo depending on the event.

  • Community ISD students enjoy entertaining a friendly and safe audience. They reserve the right to walk away from any appearance in which they feel unsafe.