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Dual Credit Student Expectations

Click here to access the dual credit handbook: Dual Credit Handbook

Dual Credit Attendance Policy 

Regular and punctual class attendance is expected. Student absences will be recorded from the first day the class meets. In case of absence, it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor. Students missing more than 10% of the time for any reason may be dropped from the class.

Students who stop attending class for any reason should contact the instructor and their high school counselor to officially withdraw from the class. Failure to officially withdraw may result in a failing grade for the course & no refund. Class attendance and participation are essential to student success.  Dual credit classes may not be the best option for students heavily involved in extracurricular activities that may cause them to miss class more than 15% of the time.

Dual Credit Course Availability 

Classes will only be offered at the location and time as posted if there is enough enrollment to support the class. For a course to be held, 15 students must complete the enrollment process AND pay for the course. Classes can be cancelled due to low enrollment. Every effort will be made to accommodate students completing the enrollment and payment process. If the classes are cancelled due to low enrollment students will need to select the on-level or AP alternative to the course. 

Cost of a Dual Credit Course

Tuition for a 3-credit hour course will cost between $0-$300.00. Other expenses will include, but may not be limited to fees,textbooks, and supplies. Tuition prices are subject to change if partnering institutions change their tuition rate. 

Dual Credit Program Supply Fees

Some dual credit programs such as Cosmetology, Automotive, Floral Design, etc, may require students to purchase specific uniforms or students kits.  These items will belong to the student.  While students will be required to leave these items in a secure location on the campus, at the conclusion of the students program of study, these items will follow the student into the workforce.  Students should never feel discouraged from a program of study due to financial difficulties.  Please reach out to the program teacher for assistance.  

Paying for Dual Credit

Students will be responsible for paying tuition to the partnering college.  CISD is partnering with the University of Texas for OnRamps Courses, Collin County Community College, Texas A & M University -  Commerce, and Trinity Valley Community College, for the 2020-2021 school year.  Students will be dropped from courses if tuition payments are not received before the due date established by the partnering college. 

  • If a class meets twice a week, no more than 3 absences are allowed per semester.
  • If a class meets three times a week, no more than 5 absences are allowed per semester.
  • If a class meets five times a week, no more than 8 absences are allowed per semester.

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