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College Preparatory Courses



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College Prep English & Math - Texas College Bridge

College Preparatory Courses

Region 10 districts and local area colleges and universities joined together in a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) to co-create two college preparatory courses, required under House Bill 5, in both mathematics and English language arts. Committees representing higher education and public education worked together to create units or modules of study including specific objectives, suggested time frames, sample assessment items, and rubrics, correlations to college and career readiness standards, and suggested resources. These courses are available to participants of the MOU only at no fee and are the property of the members. Online versions are available in the Online Learning Center with an appropriate password.

Region 10 / CISD College Preparatory Courses MOU

Texas College Bridge

Texas College Bridge offers an alternative to support students with self-paced, competency based, online College Preparatory Courses. Leveraging the EdReady platform, Texas College Bridge is an adaptive learning platform that employs a knowledge inventory to personalize a student’s path to college math and/or English readiness. It also offers the ability to demonstrate empirical equivalencies to Texas CCMR indicators, including the SAT, ACT and TSIA.

Texas College Bridge MOU

Career And Technical Education Methods Of Administration (MOA)