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AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

The goal of AVID is to prepare students for college and success in a global society. We use AVID to bring out the best in students and close the achievement gap. For more information about the program visit

Middle school and High School Program

Students in the AVID elective represent the underserved “students in the middle” who, with the rigor and support of the AVID program will graduate high school ready for college, career or the military.

Students in AVID are required to take an advanced level class every semester to prepare them for the challenges of college.

Who can be in AVID?

AVID students have academic potential and:

  • have passing test scores (STAAR, etc)
  • maintain a 2.0-3.5+ GPA (Or 70-100% for middle school)
  • aspire to attend college or post-secondary institution after high school
  • are historically underserved in post-secondary institutions
  • have special circumstances as determined by the school’s site team that makes the AVID elective the best choice for the student

AVID students might be the first in their family to attend college. But that is not a requirement.

English Language Learners and Special Education students can also be in AVID. As long as a student's schedule has room for the AVID elective and they meet the criteria listed above, they can be in AVID.


Students must apply to be placed in the AVID elective and interviewed by the school's AVID team. They must sign a contract indicating their desire and determination to go to college.

For more information, contact the College & Career Readiness Coordinator.