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Winter Weather

Winter Weather Procedures

Please review the following district procedures for communicating information about school schedules, school closures, or delayed start of school due to bad weather. 

If there is a decision to delay or cancel in-person learning, that announcement will be made as early as possible on the day of bad weather. A decision to delay or cancel in-person learning will be made the night before if possible, and by 5 AM at the latest. If the weather is going to impact after-school activities, a decision will be made by 1 PM if possible.

winter weather

Information about school closures or delay will be published through the following:

  • District website at – an alert message box will appear
  • Skylert Messaging will deliver a phone, text and/or email alert to all parents and staff (please check with your child's school to make sure your contact phone and email are current)
  • An "All Staff" email will be sent to all staff users
  • Post will be made to the official Community ISD Facebook (
  • Post will be made to the official Community ISD Twitter (@communityisd)
  • Closure or delay will be reported to the following TV Stations: Fox 4, NBC 5, WFAA 8, CBS 11

In the event inclement weather moves in during the day, the District will closely monitor weather reports and road conditions. Any decision to release students early due to inclement weather will be made with primary consideration for getting all students home safely. Early closure announcements will also be communicated through the media sources listed above. Parents always have the option to pick their child up at school at any time they feel is necessary.

Severe Weather

CISD works throughout the year to prepare our students and staff to respond to the unpredictable weather in North Texas. Please review the following important information and contact your child’s campus if you need additional clarification or information:

  • On days where there is a slight, moderate or high risk for severe weather or tornados, CISD district administration actively monitors the latest National Weather Service updates and weather forecasts
  • Weather radios are used in every school to monitor conditions and alert us to any severe weather watches or warnings
  • Remember a “watch” means conditions are favorable and a “warning” means severe weather or a tornado is occurring
  • In the event of a severe weather or tornado warning, students at each school will follow severe weather safety guidelines which may include sheltering in the safest refuge areas within each school site or facility
  • Parents are encouraged to NOT risk their own safety to travel to the campus during a severe weather event
  • If dangerous severe weather occurs during or near school dismissal time, the campus may enter into “shelter in place”
  • We will not release students to buses or parents if we are experiencing dangerous severe weather or are under a tornado warning
  • Parents who are waiting in the pick-up lines or the parking lot will be invited to shelter in place inside the building until the warning is lifted
  • Buses will be held and not be in transit when there is immediate impending dangerous severe weather expected
  • If the severe weather is unexpected and the bus(es) are en route, the bus(es) will seek safety at the nearest school

Updates and information about severe weather will be sent to parents/guardians using our Skylert messaging call out system, mobile app and will be posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SafeBraves