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Volunteer Background Check


Community ISD is authorized by state law to obtain criminal history record information on applicants being considered for employment and/or as a volunteer (Texas Education Code §22.083). The information requested below is necessary to obtain criminal history record from a third party vendor.
Please Note: If you are a current Community ISD employee, please do not submit this form as you are automatically approved as a volunteer.

PLEASE NOTE: This form should only be filled out ONCE annually for all CISD campuses and activities. For instance, if you filled out the form in August 2023 for an elementary campus, you don't need to fill it out again to volunteer with the Athletic Booster Club. This one form goes to ALL campuses and ALL organizations across Brave Nation.

First Name from Driver's License
Last Name from Driver's License
Date of Birth Format: mm/dd/yyyy
Check where to find your Driver's License Number here: (Must contain only numbers)
Phone Format: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Example: 123 Community Way
Example: Lavon, Copeville, Nevada, Josephine
Community ISD can only accept driver's licenses from the State of Texas at this time.
At which campus(es) will you be serving?requiredPlease select up to 6 choices
Please select up to 6 choices
Background Check Agreement:
I understand that the information I am providing about age, gender, and ethnicity will not be used to determine eligibility for employment or volunteering, but will be used solely for the purpose of obtaining criminal history record information. I am aware that Community ISD uses the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) criminal history search website to conduct all volunteer background checks.
Confidentiality Agreement:
We greatly appreciate the work that our volunteers do for Community ISD. Please observe the following building procedures while on campus.
  1. Always sign in.
  2. Wear your volunteer badge at all time while in the building.
  3. Do not go into classrooms unless you have clearance from the office, or the teacher has specifically asked you to come to their room.
  4. If you must bring your younger children, please make sure you have prior approval from the campus administration and be sure they are quiet and stay with you at all times.
As a volunteer in the Community Independent School district, an individual may have access to confidential student information. This information may relate to general items such as address and telephone number or to medical conditions, behavior issues, and academic records. A volunteer may also observe situations that he/she does not immediately understand. Seizures, aggressive behavior or unacceptable language are only a few examples. This type of information about specific students cannot be shared with anyone outside of the school. Comments, concerns, and opinions regarding individual students and staff members should be discussed with the principal. Questions about discipline and behavior should also be shared with the principal and no other parents or volunteers. The school district welcomes the dedicated individuals who come into the schools to volunteer their time and talent to assist the students and staff. However, idle comments made in the community about a student can be extremely harmful to that child. If the confidential protection afforded to students and staff members is broken, the volunteer will no longer be allowed to work at that school for the remainder of the school year (or semester.) The district expects the same professional concern regarding confidential information from volunteers as it does of its employees.
By completing and submitting this form:
  • I agree that I have read this agreement and that all information provided in this authorization is complete and accurate.
  • In connection with my application for employment and/or as a volunteer with the Community Independent School District (CISD), I authorize CISD to perform a background verification on me through TXDPS.
  • As a volunteer, I agree to adhere to the confidentiality agreement as stated above.
Do you agree to the terms above?required
Type your full legal name in the box above.
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format