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2019 Legislative Priorities

  • With the 86th session of the Texas Legislature underway, the Community ISD Board of Trustees has approved the following legislative priorities:


  • Priority: Take Care of Our Teachers and the People who Take Care of our Students

    The only way to ensure that every Texas child receives the engaging education experiences they deserve is to provide them with teachers and school support staff who are properly educated, prepared, supported and appreciated.

    Solution: Increase Funding for Texas Public Schools

    • Fully restore per-pupil funding to pre-recession and inflation-adjusted levels
    • Increase the state share of the Foundation School Program to 50%
    • Oppose any form of taxpayer subsidy to private schools and vendors
    • Expand scholarships and funding for instructional aides to become teachers
    • Increase state funding of TRS-ActiveCare and TRS-Care so that the benefits for, and contributions from, district employees are equivalent to state employees under the Employee Retirement System of Texas

    Solution: No Unfunded Mandates

    • Prohibit the implementation of legislation that will impose a fiscal impact on our school district without attaching the corresponding funding

    Solution: Physically and Emotionally Safe Schools

    • Support legislation and associated funding to address the increasing demand for safety, security and mental health support
    • Ensure that districts have flexibility in how to utilize these funds to meet the needs of the local schools and communities
    • Support fully funded programs and services specifically designed to help students be mentally strong and prepared to cope with personal challenges 

    Solution: Local Schools, Local Control

    • Support the use of community-developed solutions and innovations to improve schools
    • Support the authority of our locally elected trustees to make decisions and act in the best interest of our students and our community
    • Adopt a community-based accountability system that places more emphasis on local accountability and better reflects the expectations and values of our community rather than the current misleading A-F school rating system

Our Elected Officials