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2023 - G.L.O.W. While We Grow

Photo of 2023 Theme - G.L.O.W. While We Grow

For some, growth can be a convenient justification to let things be “good enough”, or a cover for just surviving the year. Here in Brave Nation, we refuse to let growth be an excuse. Instead, our theme for this year is G.L.O.W While We Grow. The four letters that make up G.L.O.W. stand for "Grow", "Lead", "Own", and "Win". We want to encourage our students, staff, and community members to embrace this theme and to live it out with us every day.


We want to continue to grow as a district, and not just in terms of our student & staff population. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible education, and we believe that growth is essential to achieving our goals. We encourage all of our students and staff to try to improve in some small way or learn something new as often as possible. As I am fond of saying, you’re either green and growing, or ripe and rotting!


We want to be leaders in education. We want to be a model for other districts, and we want to be the best that we can be. We believe that leadership is essential to success, and we are committed to leading by example. Everyone is a leader to someone - how can you set the example?


We want our students, staff, and community members to own their decisions, their mistakes, and their future. Mistakes are a part of life, but how you handle them shows your true character.


We want to win. We want our students and staff to find something to celebrate every day. There will always be challenges, but finding the “win” can help us keep a positive perspective and a focus on the good.