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2022 - Braves United

Photo of 2022 Theme - Braves United

Serving a dual purpose, 2022-23's annual theme is "Braves United". This theme addresses two areas:

1. Community ISD is a "community" first and foremost.Our school district is comprised of four towns that came together to form a Community school district. These four towns - Lavon, Copeville, Nevada, and Josephine - must continue to be united together in our mission, values, and purpose. As we grow, we must stand fast in what makes this school district special - the Traits of a Brave. In our 75th Anniversary year, we embrace the history and traditions of Brave Nation, and move forward together UNITED as one!

2. Community ISD must establish proper procedures and protocols for all foreseeable events, as the airline industry has done.The District Administration Team read Do It Like A Pilot - Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, and Management Skills from the Ground Up. by Owen Zupp. While completing this book study, department and campus leadership teams compiled "Standard Operating Procedures", or "SOPs", for their respective responsibilities. These new "SOPs" will help guide Brave Nation forward into unprecedented growth, both in enrollment and in services provided to our students, families, and staff.