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What is an Endowed Gift?

 An endowed gift, or endowment is an invested fund that can be designated as either a full or term endowment.

What can I support with my endowment?

Through your endowment, you can fund a scholarship, teacher/classroom grant, memorial scholarship or grant and/or contribute to any of CEF's programs.

CEF can help write a donor agreement that reflects your values and passion for education.  For more information or to discuss the establishment of an endowment, please contact our office at 972-843-6000.

Secily Lackey Cosmetology Grant

Secily had a passion for two things: helping others and beauty.

As a young girl, she spent hours making sugar scrubs, doing self-makeovers and selecting the perfect color combinations for her outfits. She had an eye for style, and her heart's gift was that of helping others. Secily never missed an opportunity to cheer another person through acts of service, thoughtful notes, or gift giving. The Secily Lackey Cosmetology Grant provides deserving CISD cosmetology students witih assistance in securing their cosmetology kits. Through this grant, Secily's family hopes her passions will be lived out through others, and those individuals will pay their blessings forward, keeping Secily's legacy alive.