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Introducing the Official CISD Crest:

Designed to honor history and exemplify excellence.

CISD Official Crest
CISD Crest - Simple
  • A Closer Look at the Community ISD Official Crest:
    • Four squares on the crest represent the four towns that make up Community: Copeville, Josephine, Nevada and Lavon.
    • The band that crosses the shield represents that connection that the four towns have: Community ISD. The District touches all four communities and serves as a bond between them.
    • The nine stars down the center of the band represent the nine graduates from the inaugural class of 1948 from Community Rural Schools. They served as ambassadors to bring what had previously been six different schools together into one Community: Billy Caldewell, Lucille Cook Sedgwick, Jane Davis Allen, Aletha Ivy Hargrave, James Lambert, George McSpadden, Peggy Petty Reagan, Jeannie Smith Richie, and Carrie Juanita Renfro Bell.
    • The traditional “lamp of learning” or “lamp of knowledge” in the upper right corner symbolizes the search for wisdom and knowledge. The traditional style of the lamp icon is a tribute to the history of our district.
    • The modern globe icon in the lower left symbolizes the impact our students will have in a global society; the arrow symbolizes innovation and change. The modern style of the global icon represents the future of the District
    • The “Brave Nation” in the banner that sits at the bottom of the crest represents the foundation of Unity that is the Brave Nation. The date at the bottom of the band of blue is the year the District was established. Community ISD (Community Rural Schools) was established on July 28, 1947.
    • Flanking the established date are two wheat stalks, representing the agricultural history of our area. These particular wheat stalks also look like the feather fetching of an arrow, paying tribute to our mascot, the Native American Brave.
    • The colors of the arrow are royal blue (Pantone 2746C) and bright gold (Pantone 123C) also known as Brave Blue and Bright Gold, which were the original school colors selected by the Class of 1948.
    • The font is Trajan Pro.

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