• Domain I: Student Performance on STAAR The purpose of this domain is to measure the percentage of all students that receive a satisfactory score on their STAAR/EOC exam. Higher points are earned for students that achieve post-secondary ready and/or advanced level scores.

    Domain II: Student Progress on STAAR The goal of Domain II is to reflect the percentage of students meeting expected progress from one year to the following. Additional points are recorded for students exceeding projected progress. 

    Domain III: Closing Performance Gaps on STAAR Domain III focuses on the performance of students categorized as economically disadvantaged. The proposed system has recommended cut scores that vary depending upon the district percentage of economically disadvantaged students.

    Domains I - III make up 55% of the overall rating

    Domain IV: Postsecondary Readiness - 35% of overall rating

    The intent of this domain is to measure student preparedness for college, industry, and/or military settings. However, preliminary reports indicate that elementary and middle school measures will focus on percentage of days students are present at school and the district/campus dropout rate.  The calculations differ based upon the classification of the campus.

    Elementary schools will be graded based upon the percentage of students that were present for 90% or more of the school days in 2014-2015, also known as the chronic absenteeism rate.

    Middle school grades will be based upon the same chronic absenteeism percentage (50%), with the addition of the percentage of students that have not dropped out of school (50%).

    High school grades will be based upon:

    • Graduation rate (10%)
    • 14-15 graduates that have accomplished at least one of the following (20%)
        • completed sequence of CTE courses,
        • completed 12 or more college hours,
        • completed one or more AP/IB courses,
        • and/or met TSI benchmark scores
    • Types of graduation plans (5%)

    Domain V: Commiunity & Student Engagement - 10% of overall rating

    This domain was not included in the preliminary report and is not scheduled to be graded until 2018.