Things To Know About the New A-F Rating System

    • This change in the public school accountability system is a result of the passage of HB 2804 in 2015.

    • Currently, school districts received accountability ratings of “Met Standard” and “Improvement Required.” Prior to that it was a four-tier system of Exemplary, Recognized, Academically Acceptable and Academically Unacceptable.

    • Changes to the rating system were made by legislators in an attempt at simplifying accountability. However, we know that our service in public education is complex as we are charged with meeting every student's individual needs.

    • A single letter grade is not an accurate indicator of how well our campuses, teachers and most importantly our students are performing on any given day.

    • The new A-F system is still based mostly on once per year state standardized testing.

    • A-F rating systems have not worked in 16 other states, and they fail to account for varying socioeconomic conditions that influence performance.

    • We have learned from other states that grades of D or F are highly correlated
      with schools that serve large numbers of economically disadvantaged students.

    • Across all education arenas there is much discussion regarding the use of standardized testing as a reflection of student learning.

    • Our uncompromising commitment to empower our students and celebrate each of their successes will not waiver.

    • We are grateful for all of our awesome teachers, administrators, support staff and Board of Trustees for inspiring us to Believe, Lead, Unite and Excel.

    • Under the current accountability system, every single CISD campus exceeded the standards set by the state in every single category, most by double digits. Now that the system is changing, we will continue our work to exceed these new expectations.

    Important Questions About CISD's Preliminary Ratings

    What does this report card mean to our District?

    • This is a preliminary report so that districts and campuses can prepare for the new rating system which is scheduled to officially be implemented in August 2018.

    Does this rating count against us?

    • These preliminary ratings have no impact on the District or campuses. Every single CISD campus received a “met standard” rating in 2016 and that rating remains in place.

    The Bottom Line

    We BELIEVE in the ability of our students and the talent of our teachers.

    We are empowering our teachers and principals to LEAD with innovation and passion.

    We need the community and parents to UNITE behind us in the work that we do for children everyday.

    Our goal is to be EXCELlent, not average.