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    Posted by Dr. Roosevelt Nivens on 4/20/2018

    Happy spring Brave Nation!!

    be kind

    I know it has been a while since my last blog, but it is time that I share with you something that has been a burden on my heart lately. Every single day I read a story, see a post or hear a news report of human beings treating each other with disdain, disrespect or even outright disgust. I have been amazed at how animosity and anger have become acceptable entertainment in our society. We have so much access to information and so many platforms for thought sharing that it has become almost impossible to avoid what seems like a constant barrage of drama and negativity. People are just down right vicious, y’all.

    Now, I’m not going to speculate (or share my personal beliefs...not today anyway) on how we got to this place in American society. The purpose of this blog is not to dwell on any divisions or difference of opinion. I simply want to remind all of us that regardless of our personal beliefs, backgrounds, political affiliation, nationality, religion, race or even our current mood, how we treat each other matters! As adults, our actions (and reactions) are shaping the environment and the expectations for our children. They are watching us. My coach used to tell me, “Nivens, what you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word you say.”

    We are a commUNITY.

    community kind Did you know? Our school district was named “Community” because the leaders who consolidated four small towns, and six even smaller schools, wanted the new school to be the one thing that brought everyone together. When you hear previous generations of Braves talk about what it was like growing up here, they all say the same thing: people truly cared about you and families looked out for each other. These are the small town values that attracted most of us to move here, or in some cases to stay and raise a family in the same place that raised you. These are definitely the small town values that I want to pass on to my own children.

    But, we have to be intentional and take care of these core values. If we want our children to experience the “commUNITY”, we have to intentionally embrace each other and be kind to one another. Even though, at times, we have differences and disagree, we must model for our children the importance of being kind to one another. Kindness is not always easy. Matter of fact, it often requires one to be BRAVE. We have the opportunity to be LEADERS for our community. Let’s continue teach our children to LEAD with kindness.

    kindness is free They say kindness is contagious. Just imagine how far the Brave Nation could spread Community kindness? We can make an impact not only here, but across Collin County, across the state and across the social media world.

    And why?

    Because “nice matters!”

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