• Bragging on our Braves

    Posted by Dr. Roosevelt Nivens on 1/17/2019

    I am going to take this opportunity to BRAG on Community ISD...why...because I am literally it's biggest cheerleader!

    KERA Did you know we have FRESHMAN at Community High School already earning college credit through the Pride Prep program at Texas A&M University-Commerce?! KERA recently visited with our very own Elizabeth Lisko about why earning college credit early is important for her. Earlier this month, our College and Career Readiness department announced that over 30 of our current 8th graders at Edge MS have qualified and will be applying to enter this highly competitive program next year! Community ISD is committed to providing our Braves with a variety of opportunities and environments to pursue postsecondary education and prepare for their career path.

    I am so proud to lead such a great district. This is our 1st year in the Pride Prep program and as I mentioned, we have over 30 more 8th graders who qualify for next year. However, there are so many more things behind the scenes that make this possible for our young Braves.

    Our Teachers: Have to prepare students for advanced courses, tutor, spend time, speak life, counsel, hug, love on, and give rides home. I am stopping because this list can go on for days on the duties and pressures of teaching.

    Our Technology Dept: In December, I went to visit the students In Commerce. While in their class, I noticed our Braves were the ONLY students with District issued devices.

    transportation team Our Transportation Team: I asked our transportation team if it would be possible to transport our Braves to Commerce so parents would not have to burden the responsibility. That was the easy part....my asking turned in to someone waking up extra early to personally drive our students to commerce, wait on them while in class, and bring them back before their next period at Community High School....and they do this EVERYDAY. Even when CISD is closed, they still have to drive our students there because Texas A&M - Commerce is still open. Ohhh yeah.....did I mention we are THE ONLY DISTRICT THAT PROVIDES TRANSPORTATION?

    Our College and Career Readiness department was recently created for this very purpose. They find opportunities for our Braves to engage and for them to have choices in their future endeavors (choices and opportunities). These are not for everybody but they are for somebody and our job is to create/facilitate as many experiences as possible so as many Braves as possible can be successful.

    We also have the mindset that students do not have to choose one over the other. Dual credit participation doesn't mean you can't participate in extra-curricular activities. We make a way for our Braves to participate in whatever as long as their grades don't suffer.

    Team 0f 8 Lastly, our award-winning school board provides resources and approves the budget & policies for these experiences to happen. They ask questions and have expectations to ensure our Braves are put in a position to be successful after they leave us. Their goal is to ensure we do our part to help our Braves be productive, honest, hard-working citizens of this awesome nation.

    I am certain I forgot something but you get the message. People that are not teachers have just as much impact on our Braves as the educators. We are all in this together.

    FYI...we also do the same thing for students to go to a neighboring district to participate in auto-tech, cosmetology, etc.....but very soon, we will have the facilities and be offering these in-house. Thank you, community and parents, for allowing us to build a new high school.#OurKidsDeserveIt.

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