Online Roll Call

  • online rollcall

    It's time for this week's #BravesID Online Roll Call!! 

    We want to know what our Braves are doing for fun when they aren't learning!

    Show us how you pass the time with safe hobbies at, gaming, singing, puzzles, working out, taking care of animals, building things....

    You have until 3 PM on Monday, April 27 to submit your entry. We will select a winner for the most interesting hobby, the best photo, AND we will randomly select up to FIVE entries for a golden hoodie!

    (If you are a previous Golden Hoodie winner, you may enter but are not eligible to win again.)

    By submitting your photo you grant CISD permission to publish the photo. Judges will select a winner (or winners) to be announced on Tuesday, April 28. Golden Hoodie prizes will be mailed or delivered to your porch shortly after.

    Here is how to enter Online Roll Call for Monday, April 27, 2020:

    1. Take a picture of your Brave doing the thing they love to do the most when they aren't learning
    2. Tweet @CommunityISD, comment on this Facebook post using the #BravesIDhobby OR email a single picture to
    3. We will select a winner or winners for the most interesting hobby, the best photo AND we will randomly select up to 5 entries for a golden hoodie!