• Prescription Medications: 

    If your student needs to take prescription medications during school hours, the school nurse will need the medication permission form (see form on this page) filled out.  The medication MUST be in the original container with the prescription label attached.  The medication CANNOT be expired or include instructions that require student to take the medication during non-school hours.   Please speak with your campus school nurse if you have questions regarding medications that may need to be administered during school hours.

    Non-prescription (over the counter) medications: 

    If your student needs to take non-prescription (over the counter )medications during school hours please speak with your school nurse first. The medication permission form (see form on this page) MUST be filled out.   The medication policy for the district does allow for over the counter medications to be given during school hours for a maximum of 5 days without a doctor's order. Over the counter medication must be received in the original container, not expired, and be recommended for the appropriate student age.