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  • Students work in stations to build communication skills. 


    The week of January 6th, the good read in the library was Snowflake Bentley! Students discussed the difference between biography and autobiographyand later had the chance to create their own snowflakes in more than one way!


    Mrs. Turney read The Giving Tree and students created their own Giving Tree with words of thanks to someone who has given to them. 

    giving giving 2

     Students are learning about Onomatopoeia and how the pronunciation of the word is similar to the word's sound. Such as: buzz, hiss, and zoom. They put their chosen work on an ornament and decorated it.

    ornaments ornament 2


    Take the Reader's Oath: 
    I promise to read each day and each night. I know it's the key to growing up right. I'll read to myself, I'll read to a crowd. It makes no difference If silent or loud. I'll read at my desk, at home and at school, on my bean bag or bed, by the fire or pool. Each book that I read puts smarts in my head, 'cause brains grow more thoughts The more they are fed. So I take this oath to make reading my way of feeding my brain what it needs every day.
    — Debra Beckman, Missouri NEA

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