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CISD Safety

Community ISD NOW AMONG THE SAFEST schools in America when it comes to protecting children from SEXUAL PREDATORS thanks to new raptor screening system

New Visitor Management Tool Quickly Performs Background Checks on All Visitors, Contractors and Volunteers; Enables the School to Customize its System by Including Custody Alerts and More

Community ISD will begin using the Raptor Visitor Management System to improve campus safety for students and faculty. The new ID card scanning system provides practically instant screening of visitors, contractors and volunteers for sex offender status and custom alerts such as custody orders.

Community ISD joins the 16,000+ schools that use Raptor in the United States. The Raptor Visitor Management System currently flags over 30 sex offenders per day attempting to enter schools across the country. Custody and other school-specific issues are also a concern, and to date, more than 250,000 custody alerts have been issued nationally.

Upon check-in, each first-time visitor will be required to present their state or federal government-issued identification card. The Raptor system scans the ID and automatically checks each person entering school grounds against the national database of registered sex offenders, as well as against a custom alert database created by each district or school. Once a visitor is cleared by the Raptor system, a visitor badge is printed that includes a photo as well as the individual’s name, date, time of entry, and destination. If a potential threat is identified, the Raptor system sends instant alerts to designated staff via email and text.

“We’re excited to be incorporating Raptor in our schools,” said CISD Superintendent, Dr. Roosevelt Nivens. “People are checking in and out of campus constantly. It’s a revolving door of visitors, volunteers and vendors, and Raptor offers an extra layer of protection. Whether it’s making sure a student is being released to the right parent who has custody or whether a volunteer, visitor or vendor has been cleared to enter our campus, we know with Raptor we’re doing everything we can to keep our students and faculty safe.”

“Raptor has flagged a staggering 50,000 registered sex offenders attempting to enter K-12 schools,” said Jim Vesterman, CEO of Raptor Technologies. “It’s an effective tool to keep kids safe, and simply having the Raptor system in place acts as an important deterrent. A sex offender who knows a school is being protected by Raptor is less likely to try to gain access to that campus.”

The Raptor System will be in place at all Community ISD campuses beginning Monday, October 24, 2016.

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